Invoice Settings

Default Values

This section allows you to set the default name for your tax fields and the default values. You can also set the default options for the Invoice Wizard.

Default Terms

This section will allow you rename various variables found on your invoices.

Default Template

This section will allow you to select which invoice template to use. You can preview using our premade invoice or you may select from one of your last 10 invoices you have created. You can view a preview below. Any default terms you have updated will also reflect on this preview.


This section will allow you create your default email messages. You can use many predefined variables. Clicking on the box will automatically copy them to your clipboard. Once you click on the text box where you would like the variable to appear, you can press CRTL V or CMD V to paste it in.

The Thanks and Reminder Messages will be implemented once the Online Payment feature is ready.

Online Payment (Coming Soon)

This feature will allow your clients to pay you through Stripe or PayPal. This feature is not quite ready yet.

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