Invoice Wizard

Our invoice wizard will guide you through creating an awesome new invoice.

Billable Hours

This section will allow you to pull in any billable non-invoiced hours you have logged with timesheets.

Options: This allows you to select your time-frame. All or from a custom range
Formatting: This allows you to select how to group your hours up. You can group by Task, Person, Project or an invoice item per timesheet
Notes: Determines how you would like to display your notes from  your timesheets. You can group it per invoice item, display them all together at the bottom or the invoice, or not include them at all.

Billable Expenses

This section will allow you to pull in any billable non-invoiced expenses you have logged on your expenses page, for the selected client.

Options are similar to Billable Hours above

Free Form

This section allows you to manually create your own items for your invoice.


This section allows you to create a recurring invoice event.

Start: First day the invoice will be created on.
Frequency: How often you would like us to recreate the invoice.
Delivery: If you want us to automatically create and send the invoice out, or just to create the draft and let you know.
Copy: Should we CC you the Invoice email.
Subject: The subject line of the email message.
E-mail Message: The body of the email message.

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