QuickBooks Time Tracking

Linking QuickBooks Online to Your Log My Hours Account In Log My Hours, click on the Hamburger menu icon (next to the ? icon) and choose the Addons option Under the QuickBooks Online, click on the Connect button You’ll be taken to QuickBooks Online to login and given the option […]

Detailed Reporting

Options TimeFrame Select the date range for your report. Clients Select which companies/clients you wish to include on your report. Projects Select which projects you wish to include on your project. Tasks Select which project tasks you wish to include on your project. Employee Select which users/employees you wish to […]

Expense Reporting

There are two ways to get a list of your expenses: 1) Invoices: Use our Invoice Wizard to import you un-invoiced expenses. All expenses will be marked invoiced. 2) Detailed Reporting: On the Detailed Report page, the very last option “Type”, you can select from Hours and Expenses. The expense option will […]

Invoice Settings

Default Values This section allows you to set the default name for your tax fields and the default values. You can also set the default options for the Invoice Wizard. Default Terms This section will allow you rename various variables found on your invoices. Default Template This section will allow […]

Invoice Wizard

Our invoice wizard will guide you through creating an awesome new invoice. Billable Hours This section will allow you to pull in any billable non-invoiced hours you have logged with timesheets. Options: This allows you to select your time-frame. All or from a custom range Formatting: This allows you to […]

Cloning a Project

Cloning a project can allow you to recreate the entire project and assign it to a new client. This feature will copy all of your project settings and all of your tasks. It will not copy over any hours, invoices or expenses that are tied to the project. How To […]

CSV Import

CSV import allows you to import your data into LogMyHours.com. You can import companies, clients, projects, tasks, timesheets and employees. Your file must be in CSV format with UTF-8 encoding and in English. How it works: 1. Upload your CSV matching the requirements listed below. 2. We will anaylise your […]


What can be synced? Users – Asana users will be imported as employees. Employee’s will be added by email address and set to inactive by default. Projects – Asana projects will be imported as projects. Projects will be matched by name. Tasks – Asana tasks will be imported as tasks. […]

LogMyHours for iOS & Android

While our website is 100% mobile responsive, this article describes our iOS application. iOS Download link. Android Download link. Features Timesheets Start & Stop a timer or manually enter in total time worked. Record notes and location. Select a project & task. Companies & Clients Projects & Tasks Customizeable billables […]