Basics Projects are always assigned to a company or a client. You may also have unlimited about of tasks to help you break up a project.

Languages and Currencies

Languages Both the Log My Hours website and iOS/Android app support English, Mandarin and Japanese. Currencies Log My Hours current supports a large variety of currencies. If you cannot find your currency, please contact us.

Companies and Clients

Companies Companies are someone who you work for. You can also upload your company logo which then will appear on any invoices you create. Clients Clients are someone who you you want to invoice.

Tracking Your Time

Recording Your Time Recording your time is super easy. On the timesheet page, you can click on the + button for a detailed timesheet or the Play button for a quick start. Editing Your Time You can easily edit the details of any timesheet by clicking on the edit icon […]

Creating an Invoice

When creating a new invoice, you may choose from our Invoice Wizard or Free Form. Invoice Wizard Our Invoice Wizard allows you to import your billable hours and expenses. For more details: Invoice Wizard Free Form Free Form gives you a nice empty invoice which you can freely add in your own […]


Larger Companies More information coming soon. Please write to Non-Profit & Educational Initatives Please write to How did you find us? Tell us what does your organisation do? How do you plan on using Log My Hours What kind of discount are you looking for?